Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Promising Practice Workshops

Workshop Number 1

My first workshop was about "Hearing Empathy" which honestly I could not even tell you what I learned. He was going on and on and on about things that I could not even articulate because he was ALL over the place. I sat there with Taylor and Alex from class and the three of us were just like excuse me what is happening. He was trying to talk to us about simulations but honestly I do not know where he was going with the talk. He did a stimulation on one person who was listening to people saying negative things while the speaker of the workshop was asking him questions that he had to answer. This was to show us that when people are talking down to you it is hard to understand and think of answers to questions you are being asked. 

Out of this workshop I understood from that stimulation that when students are having a tough time understand things that are going on that instead of yelling at them you need to talk to them nicely and try to get them to understand everything that is happening. 

This relates to Delpit in a way because without knowing that you should not yell at your students to get them to do better than you're going to run a terrible classroom. Also this relates to August because when a student does not feel like they are in a safe environment they are not going to perform well in the classroom. 

Workshop Number 2

My second workshop was better than my first but still kind of boring. It was called "Youth Action of All Abilities" this workshop was about youth and the actions that they take to try and include students and youth with disabilities and to just get youth in general involved with things as well. They did focus a lot about the history that went along with disabilities which was in a way a little bit boring but I still thought it was interesting to see how much respect and support these students and even people with disabilities have now that they did not have back in the past. They also discusses different events that happen for students with disabilities and the things that go on around here that we could get involved in. They really just discussed the ways that people can get out there along with getting the youth more involved as well. They just went into detail about different situations that disabled people have to deal with and they really just want more people to get involved and help out as much as they can and they want people to learn.

I did enjoy this workshop because I want to be a special education teacher so for me this was interesting to learn about. Obviously I wish they did talk more about the organizations and events than the actual history of disabilities but either way I was able to learn a lot and walk away with new information. For me being a teacher for children with disabilities I can try to get them involved with as many things as possible so that they get the experience as other kids and this way the other kids can get experience meeting there peers who may have a disability.

I think that August would support this workshop because they are trying to create a safe environment for both students with and without disabilities and they want to include everyone to come together. They are encouraging the youth to learn more about students with disabilities and they want to include them to help out as much as they can. They are trying to make a place where all youth can feel included and apart of something. 

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