Thursday, December 3, 2015


Shor basically was talking about how education has so many components to it. Without these components one will not be successful. It is pretty sad that that is true and teachers are not really teaching outside of the box and outside of what most people know.

"Participation challenges the experience of education as something done to students."

This quote shows that participation is a huge part of education but that experience for students is challenging and scary in a way.

"Education is experienced by students as something done to them, not something they do."

Shor explains that students are not getting the same feel for education. It is just now something expected of them and it's becoming a really big problem. Teachers and "the system" is so used to and set up teaching kids that school is something they do instead of giving them the experience it is supposed to.

I believe that Shor is explaining that education is something that students are supposed to make an experience out of and enjoy but instead it is just something they go through. Teachers need to try to make a change in their students experience and work. They need to start this at a young age so that this follows them throughout their entire education.

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