Friday, November 13, 2015


"Schools have traditionally taken a narrow position when defining and judging students intellect (Gardner, 1983). The presence of a thoughtful mind has been linked to patterns of behavioral and communicative conformity associated with competence in logical-mathmatical thinking and linguistic skills."

This quote explains how children with special needs have a small chance of learning things the way other students do because of the ways that schools are set up. This quote shows how a "thoughtful mind" grows and thinks and this happens to those students who are more willing to learn and able to learn in a "normal" way. The schools support this because most schools keep the students with disabilities separated from the other students and that is how my school was as well. They have the students with disabilities completely separated from the other students in the regular classrooms. 

"Acknowledging students with Down Syndrome as thoughtful, creative, and interested learners with personal identities that distinguish them from all other people suggest and individual value that enhances any context containing the child."

This quote explains that teachers need to realize that students who may have a disability still are an individual that wants to learn and who has all of these characteristics. Just because a students has a disability should not hold them back from being thoughtful and being themselves and trying to learn. Although they may have a harder time doing this things they should still have every right to try and have the access to those teachers who are willing to help them accomplish these things. 

"Educating all children together reconfigures the representation of Down syndrome from burden toward citizenship."

I agree with this quote every strongly because I believe that we should teach more in schools about students with disabilities because when children see these people who may have a disability they stare or point. They are not educated enough on how people are different. I understand that this is a way for children to seem interesting and they want to learn more so I feel like a big step would be to teach about these things in school and make it more own. This way people with disabilities can feel more connected and feel like citizens instead of a burden.


  1. Hi Sydnei, I was able to understand the article better by reading your post. Thanks!

  2. I also chose quotes, but I love the quotes you picked!! They really demonstrate what Kliewer argument was!!