Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Sorry I am a little late with posting this but,

Delpit: The students know that when they are coming back from there music and other classes that they get a chance to go to the bathroom get water and then they are to get in the classroom and sit down and take out there math books when the teachers tell them too.

August: The teacher last week was handing out little goodie bags to the students for halloween and inside they each got a pencil, a halloween easer and a little thing of candy. One little boy got a pink pencil and the little girls were telling him it was a girl color which at the time I did not realize. It was not until the little boy looked at me and asked me to come over to them and he said "do you think that pink is only a girl color?" and I said "no I believe that all colors are boy and girl colors." The little boy was so happy I had said that and the two little girls looked at me with confusing and couldn't believe I said that. After that I asked the girls why they thought pink was only a girl color and they told me that they see more girls wear it than boys do. When I asked if it was okay if boys wore pink they told me that they could wear it sometimes. I think it is interesting even at such a young age they realize that these things are the "norms".

Kahne and Westheimer: As of right now I believe that what we are doing for this service learning project it falls under the charity because it seems like we are not there enough to make a huge change on these kids lives. Although we want to and we are all trying our best to it seems like we are mainly going to change ourselves. We do not go into these schools expecting the children to be giving us back anything from us trying to help them out we go in there trying to gain experience.

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