Friday, October 23, 2015

Separate is not Equal

Reading and listening to these stories and articles really opened my eyes completely. Thinking about the way that I grew up these types of situations were never truly a problem, but after reading and listen they really are. There were black and white students in my school although most were white. Once I read the Hebert article things made sense. He was basically saying how highly profession teachers try to avoid the schools that black or latino students attend nothing due to the fact of their race but more to the fact that those are lower poverty schools. Therefore, the teachers who are not so well trained are teaching these students giving them a lower "student achievement rate." So it still kind of shows in our generation that segregation is still part of our culture but we are not fully aware because it is not as crucial as it once was.

The two listening pieces were a little different one spoke about the same things that Hebert was speaking about and how these students in the poor poverty schools are getting worse teachers than those students in better schools. Now the students in the lower schools are getting a worse education and lower test scores, now these students are behind. They spoke about there own lives as well and trying to discuss integration schools but no one wants to talk about it or make it happen. These were the problem that these people were facing and the schools were facing.

The second listening piece was basically speaking about how students and the environment that you're in makes you who you are. They speaking about "integration happening by accident." These students went to a school where no white students have never been in before. The students there were not mean but this happened to be the opposite students were interested in why they were there and asking questions. They kept speaking about how the environment that these schools are in like the location these changes the view of the schools.
These parents were talking about North Hartford and make it sound like it was a bad area. Some parents are nervous that they will be the only white people in these schools. Integration by accident. This happens because people are starting to change the norms.

These four pieces that we had to read and listen too all connect to one another. For me I needed to listen and read all of these things because I never thought about any of these problems still being a problem. We know now that they still are though, even looking into the real world and the connection to all of our service learning experiences. Looking at their test scores compared to the average state test scores, like we had to do for our journals, I noticed the school I am at has very low percentages. Like I stated above the higher professional and educated teachers avoid the lower poverty schools. This then affects the students and I am able to connect this through my service learning experience. These pieces really opened my eyes in a way that I was not looking at the world before and that these scenarios are still problems in the world around us.


  1. Hi Sydnei, I like how you connect all the three pieces for this week together.

  2. Great post! :) I like the connections you made to each of the readings!

  3. I agree with you on the front that i never thought about these things before and these articles and podcasts really opened my eyes!