Friday, October 9, 2015


Christensen's article really discusses how our world revolves around what we look like and how we all present ourselves and who we look up to. Mainly children and younger people. She brings up media and how movies and characters in those movies portray themselves. Children see that and keep in there mind how they are "supposed" to look.

"To help students uncover the values being planted by Disney, Mattel, and Nick, and to help them construct more just ones, I begin this 'unlearning and myths' unit with two objectives. First I want students to critique portrayals of hierarchy and inequality in  children's movies and cartoons. Then I want to enlist them to imagine a better world, characterized by relationships of respect and equality." 

Christensen wants students to realize that they are all beautiful in their own way. She wants them to realize that we are all equal no matter what we look like or what movies are cartoons display. We live in a world where beauty basically comes before most. Women go through plastic surgery all of the time to look "perfect." So many women are insure with themselves and they do these things to make themselves feel better. Christensen is explaining how at such a young age these things are exposed to young children. If we think about the Disney princesses, they "originally" princesses were all white. Until recently when the first black princesses was introduced. Many may not thing that this is a problem but when we think of princesses we think of beauty and power. When you are a young black girl growing up only seeing white princesses how do you think they feel?

I believe that Christensen is trying to prove a point in that fact that at a young age we need to try and expose children to knowing that it is not all about how you look. Movies and cartoons need to really start realizing that as well, and have more of a variety. As a young child they need to know that beauty comes in all different forms and make sure they they feel good about themselves everyday. Even though it is really hard to change the cultural norms of todays society and what is considered beautiful, hopefully this can change and hopefully movies and media are a start of this change.


  1. Hi Sydnei. I agree with you that it is really hard to change the cultural norms of today's society. Maybe one day that will happen.

  2. I agree with Marwa, I feel like with time and practice, maybe we can begin to see changes in what we value in society.

  3. I totally agree! time will tell and changes will hopefully be made!

  4. Hi Sydnei,
    I agree with your post. I also agree on how you said its hard to change the cultural norms these days.

  5. It is hard to change cultural norms, thats why people usually change themselves to fit the norms.