Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kahne and Westheimer

"Serve learning makes students active participants in service projects that aim to respond to the needs of the community while furthering the academic goals of students." 

This quote explains how service learning is important because it helps students and teachers with having an extra hand in the classroom or just helping the community in general with whatever service learning they decide to go into. It also helps the actual student doing the service learning better themselves. It gives the student a better understanding of the things that they will experience when they actually go out into the field. This also helps the student because it helps them really decide if this is the path that they want to go down.

"By finding and engaging in community service activities, Mr. Johnson explained, students would interact with those less fortunate than themselves and would experience the excitement and joy of learning while using the community as a classroom." 

When this teacher explained that the students were going to help people that were less fortunate than they were, he explained that they are going to feel happy about doing this. By having the chance to use the "community as a classroom" just gives students a chance to explore their options and see how many opportunities are truly out there in the community.

"By engaging in meaningful service - whether tutoring children for whom English is a second language, helping patients in a hospital, doing difficult chores for the elderly, or supervising younger children's recreational activities - students will have opportunities to experience what David Hornbeck, former Maryland state superintendent, referred to as 'the joy of reaching out to others.'"

This quote is meaningful because it shows that there is joy when you each out to helps others. From something as little to helping a student solve a math problem to helping elderly people move from a chair to a bed any of those things can be so rewarding. When you find something that you love doing it just starts to naturally come to you and you feel that joy throughout the entire time you're engaged with it.

After doing our service learning for class and reading this article, I know that I get really excited when the students I work with get what they are working on after I helped them on it. It feels so rewarding to be able to help someone understand something especially when they are struggling. I also believe that these three quotes that I have picked to share express the true meaning of how you should feel when you find something you are truly inspired by.


  1. I love the quotes that you used. They go really well with the text.

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