Saturday, November 7, 2015

Literacy with an Attitude

Throughout Finn's article he discusses different literacy and how it connects to education and how that all has came together. Finn discusses this by including different classrooms because we learn it every single day. Literacy is sometimes challenging whereas other times not so challenging. Some students Finn was explaining would have complication trying to connect with their work and they had a hard time completing it. As a teacher I believe Finn wants people to realize that they need to make sure depending on what grade they teach they need to make their work accordingly. They need to make sure that the work the students are given is not to easy and also no so challenging because they do not receive anything out of that. There is always going to be a challenge with having to do this but Finn makes it known that it has to be done. Finn connected all of this to lower class, working class and higher class schools and in all of these they still have the same types of challenges. Finn also explains how sometimes with lower or working class school the teachers except that some of the students do not want to do well or really just do not care. This is not the case, in fact some of these students are either confused or completely lost on the things they need to do.

If I was to connect it to my service learning a lot of the students have Spanish speaking parents. This would become a problem if the students had homework that they did not understand if their parents could not help them because it is in English and may be confusing to them. When this happens and the students goes back into class the next way and the teacher is trying to go onto the next activity that student falls behind and now it seems like they don't care because they did not complete the homework.

This is where literacy is a huge problem, to some it comes easily but to others it is complicated. This is also where the teachers need to step up and make sure that they stay connected to their students and make sure that they are not falling behind and if they do fall behind they get the help that they need.


  1. Your post was really great! I like your personal connection with your service learning!

  2. I like how you connected the service learning project. It is really hard if you can't understand what a teacher is saying or what you are reading.

  3. Your connection to the text and what you see in service learning was great!