Friday, September 11, 2015

Kristof Reading

Kristof makes extremely good points throughout this article. His ideas remind me of last weeks

reading that Delpit wrote about. Kristof explained how the home life and parents and grandparents

ahead of you, effect the way that you are and the talents you will have growing up. Deplit also said

things similar to these and how students home life effect how they do in the classroom and there

understandings of certain things that happen. “Remember that disadvantage is less about income than 

environment. The best metrics of child poverty aren’t monetary, but rather how often a child is read 

to or hugged” (Kristof 1). Kristof goes into more detail about how it doesn't matter how poor a family 

is if they love their child and help them with things school related they have a higher chance of 

getting somewhere rather than those parents who neglect their education. When you're little and your 

parents start to teach you and show you that they care about your education that shows they care. By 

having that students feel as though they can accomplish a lot. I think Kristof was trying to prove that 

the USA makes it sound like we live in a "land of opportunity" but in reality many struggle to even 

keep food on their table or succeed in their education. So many are lacking any opportunity at all. 

Delpit relates to this topic as well because she explained how some teachers how are not white feel 

like they do not have the same opportunities basically as those of female white teachers. It is 

interesting to me how both Delpit and Kristof are trying to open people's eyes and make them realize 

that we are all the problem and to solve it everyone needs to get involved to make a change. 


  1. I agree with your point on how Delpit and Kristof are trying to send a message out so there can be some kind of a realization. Without this realization, there will be no change.

  2. I agree, it will take everyone effort to make a change. Especially people who do have the voices in this government that can make that change. The opportunity is not realistic, our government is set up so we have all these set backs and struggle, but if we all come together the struggle can be beat.

  3. I feel the same way with no realization there will be no change in how different ideas are looked at. Sometime people need to really look at the whole picture not just one little piece of the pie.

  4. I agree with you and I feel the same way. Some people just do not understand that they need to open their eyes.

  5. I like how you really connected Kristof and Delpit's ideas. And how they both say that due to your "class" you are more likely to stay in this class for the rest of your life no matter how hard you work due to their lack of privilege as Johnson puts it, their lack of knowledge of the Power Culture as Delpit puts it, or their lack of opportunity in this supposed "Land of Opportunity" as Kristof puts it. I also love your background!