Saturday, September 26, 2015

Aria-- Rodriguez

Reading "Aria" makes me think about the fact that people go through not "fitting in" with the society norms. It is hard for people to adjust to the culture that we live if they are not from here. Which is exactly what this short story describes.

It is hard for me to imagine living somewhere where they do not speak English and I would have to adjust to that. Immigrants that come to America have to do that everyday. "Hearing someones tone of voice-- angry or questioning or sarcastic or happy or sad-- I didn't distinguish it from the words it expressed." I have a connection with this quote because I work at a pizza place and the owner is Italian and speaks Italian but he also speaks English. He has a friend who came from Italy to help out at this new restaurant. When we speak to him he confuses words and sometimes does not understand when I am joking with him because he does not understand the tone I am using. He knows some English but he is not 100% with it. It is strange to me how he can be here and not get annoyed with not knowing what we are always taking about because I know that would drive me crazy. Which at the pizza place the owner and him speak together in Italian and I just sit there in awe wishing I knew what they were actually saying to one another.

To me being bilingual is amazing I wish I could fluently speak another language or at least understand one. I think it is important to think about while trying to become a teacher to understand that we might be dealing with students who cannot speak English and we might have to be the ones to push them to learn it. In my experiences in life especially at work give me hope that this can happen and everyone has the ability to learn more languages than the one they were born speaking.


  1. Hi Sydnei, I totally agree with you there is an important barrier for people they are live here, but originally from another country, which is they don't know the culture here.

  2. I totally agree with the fact that it's not fair! However, it is difficult to engage in a society and culture if you do not somehow become a part of it.